Maquila Service

We offer the assembly of finished and semi-finished products in different presentations with a great variety of packaging. If you are still not sure what type of product you want to develop, contact us, let us know your ideas and we will look for solutions based on your needs.

Maquila of nutritional products and personal care

“Great ideas that inspire big business”

Product Conditioning

If you have your product made and you do not have the machinery and personnel to condition it, we offer you the service of packaging, labeling, sealing, lotifying, etc. Everything you need to have your product finished for sale.


Formula Development

Natural Product has a department of research specialists that is constantly innovating in the development of new formulas for the creation of new products that meet the objective of improving the quality of life of human beings. In the same way, if you are interested in the realization of your own product, our team of specialists can help you in the development of new formulations and if you want it to comply with all the guidelines and requirements dictated by the law, we will give you the advice necessary.


Label design

Natural Product has designers and puts them at your fingertips for the development of a label that reflects the virtues of your product.



Nowadays, it is necessary to comply with all the regulations established by the regulators in order to start marketing and promoting a food product.


Nutritional Tables

All food supplements must be registered with the regulators before marketing them, and for a supplement to be accepted it must meet certain guidelines, including showing the nutritional values ​​thereof.

This is a service that is not included in the quotes of maquilas therefore it has an extra cost.